=============== Date: 30/01/2014, SVN 112 ==============)
**************** * * PUBBLIC RELEASE * * **************

New Pcsc 1.8.10
New Ccid 1.4.14
Fix NetworkBrowser with wlan0/eth1/ra0
Fix OpenVPN start module at Boot
New skin in ChannelSelection

Fix DVB-T E3HD Audio
Fix DVB-T on Gigablue SE/UE Plus - Now Work!!!
Update Picon by MMark with last 03/01/2014
New Script for generate a /tmp/log.txt
Update isettingE2 to v3.1.2
Update E3HD driver DVB-C support
Update transmission and airplayer plugins
Update Mediastream to v2.0.0
Fix mount in Image and Setting Backup
Merge enigma2 with last version of OpenPLI

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