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    Hot1 How To Fix a Black Screen of Death on Windows 10 Upgrade

    Today I was upgrading to Windows 10 on my Acer laptop ... After a restart I was left with a black screen and unable to enter safe mode ... Ahhhhhhhh

    After reading through Microsoft's very unhelpful advice ... Cheer's Microsoft!!!!!

    I went into try anything mode and found a way to get things going again ... Turn off laptop and take out the battery then restart laptop without the Battery plugged in.

    In my case the Windows 10update then continued to install ... Happy days 😊

    As yet I have no idea how you would manage this on a desktop pc

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    Yep micropricks do their best to fuck up repairing their shit dont they
    But I do like w10
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    10 is running well on my lappy ... so no complaints there.

    My Acer lappy was built for media play back and has a separate graphics card and exellent sound quality. 10 seems to have improved both these areas i noticed even richer sound quailty both on the lappy and phone when I upgraded.


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